All the living beings have the instinct of self-defense against their enemies. Even a little child, when someone threatens to hit its head, immediately it tries to protect itself covering the head with hands and arms. This involuntary reaction is an instinctive reflex of self defense. Therefore, it is natural to believe that the elements that compose the art of "Karate" have evolved from these instincts, combining them one by one, in a process that started in the very beginning of humanity .

In "Karate-Do Gujo-Ryu", we try to cultivate and develop the ideal human nature: the union of the body with the spirit.

At the beginning, as far as strategy was concerned, there was the concept of "winning", however, winning through virtue as a unique objective. Thus, anyone who had chosen this way should not forget the character "nin" (resistance and patience), that is: to elevate ones virtue, to dominate and/or to reach the victory without fighting and to seek the unique secret.

Now we are proud to present a sequence of "kata" techniques with "Sensei" Lucia, presenting the short and long form, where the "bunkais" are demonstrated in their real and lethal form, within the "katas".

These techniques are just some of the ways contained in book "Karate-Do", that must be taught only to students older than 14 years old, because of its high level of complexity, with lethal effects, not being, therefore, allowed in "Shiai Kumite" as competition but only as "Hatachi Ai Kumite" (decisive fight These techniques are just some of the ways contained in "Karate-Do", that have to be pass on only for students over the age of 16 year old, because of its high complexity levels, with lethal effects, that is not used on "Shiai Kumite", as competition but only as "Hatachi Ai Kumite" (decisive fight technique).

"Kokyu Ho" - Breathing
"Sanchin" - Strength
"Tensho" - Flexibility
"Semete" - Attack
"Ukete" - Defense
"Gekisai dai ichi" - to knock down with a powerful strike
Formal exercises of open hand
"Bunkai" - Application