The idea of writing:

"Shihan" Douglas Diana, in 1990, during the spiritist reunion he used to attend, knew the entity of an old man from Okinawa , who told him about a karate form called "Katathinba" (The Crippled). This form had been created by him in 1930. The name of this spirit, in his last encarnation, was Chojun Miyagi, the founder of the "Goju-Ryu" style.

From that day on, for about 15 years, "Shihan" Douglas had classes with this entity, and throught his mother, who was an extraordinary medium, Chojun Miyagi transmitted the techniques of this syle, that he could not accomplish in his last existence.

In order not to let these facts vanish away through the time, "Shihan" Douglas decided to write this book, "Karate-Do", a mission that was assigned to him and now is accomplished.


The Book "Karate-Do" comes to redeem the traditional (occult) form, performed by Chojun Miyagi before the current known (classic) form and shows the whole work of the mystic and esoteric aspects of this martial art, through its precepts.

Here is another philosophical view embraced by "Shihan" Douglas, which meets the same principles of Chojun Miyagi's and can be read with the phonetic transcription:

"Onore no subete no gui wa seito ni ataeru. Mizukara wa onshi no gui o shytokusu".
(Chojun Miyagi, in March 30, 1946)

which means :

"Offer your students all the techniques you hold, for they recycle through your Grand Master teachings."

Bodhidharma has spent nine years under meditation in the Shao Lin temple, in China. After that, he established exercising methods to be practiced by monks, to strengthen mind and body.


"Orei" (Thankfulness):

The author of "Karate-Do" is deeply and eternally thankful, for the dedication and availableness of the mediumistic gifts (clairvoyant, audition and unconscious incorporation - "Jin Tsuriki") at any time and in any weather condition and for the remarkable presence of his mother Christina Vella Diana, who has passed away. Without her the elaboration of this book would certainly not be possible.

and to the other collaborators:


The book "Karate-Do", of 800 pages and about 4,000 photos, presents the whole technique of the style, in a descriptive, clear and theoretical form.

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